Top live dealer myths

Online casinos bring unique gaming experience. With the advent of online casinos, not only a new branch of virtual entertainment for users has appeared, but also a new kind of professional activity. The duties of an online casino dealer is similar to the work of a croupier in a regular casino, which has its own characteristics due to the development of technology. With the growing popularity of online casinos, you can easily stumble upon scammers.To ensure that your choice does not lead to fraud, official gambling establishments are licensed.

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Image Top live dealer myths


Ridwan Widjaja


Why are live dealer games not trusted?

Nonetheless, some players are skeptical about live dealer casinos, and their fears are well founded. Players often believe in lucky days and their winning bet strategies that only work in a real casino. When playing online, you do not get the same pleasure as when playing live. All of these statements are reasonable, because it makes gambling more fun.

Match fixing

First, there is a possibility that what is shown on the screen is just a recording. Being at the casino, players can personally observe what is happening, whether it's a roulette game or a card game. So, online gambling may be suspected in cheating. The most popular suspectition is that dealers can put a magnet near the roulette, which makes the ball stop in a convenient place. Roulette considered to be a game depends on luck, that’s why it takes all the attention. It’s easy to believe in this statement, but this myth is busted. All licensed online gambling houses keep order while playing games, because they follow the laws. Also, video surveillance allows you to observe the actions of the dealer during the game.

The dealers are extra paid

Another belief is that dealers are extra paid for player losses, or they have a bonus for chatting with the players to keep them playing. It’s also reasonable, because it would be easy money. But all the dealers are trained professionals that know the laws, but they can chat with players politely to clarify the rules or to support and give advice related to the game.

Card counting

Players think that it’s possible to count cards to predict the outcome of the next game. To protect themselves and players from cheating, some live casinos get rid of cards of the previous game, so there is no chance to foresee the cards. The players who decided to cheat that way, will probably be banned for the future games.

The difference in versions of online games

It’s another groundless myth. The new release implies new features, promotions, upgrages, bonuses for the players. Sometimes developers add new audio and visual effects, to make the game look modern.

Big wins are impossible to cash out

Licenced casinos strictly follow the rules, so no matter how big the win is, it will be credited to your account. The only reason why your payment is postponed is some technical issues. Also, any financial operations should be performed with extra safety through special services and must be confirmed by the player.

Live casino discommodity

Many players believe that live casinos return players less money than RNG representatives. The payout percentage depends on the conditions of the state regulator and the mathematical model, all bonuses, jackpots work on the basis of the RTP. It’s almost impossible to increase or decrease the RTP, because it’s installed by developers. The majority of online casino providers rarely set RPT below 95%, as players have become more loyal to this type of entertainment, as they are confident that most of their money will return.