Control over Emotions as a Must

Gambling brings strong feelings to the players. Whether it is a buzz from an impending victory or the terrible frustration from the failure, no player can escape these feelings. Though it’s totally okay if you get excited, it can become a big obstacle on the way to winning.  Any experienced player has a plan for any situation that can occur during the game. The main condition for a successful gambling is to have a strategy and stick to it in any circumstances. And what's more important, is to know how to maintain control over your emotions, stay cool and go on with the strategy you have chosen when misfortunes happen. There are numerous cases when a player starts to make bad decisions one after another when he loses control. So what should a gambler who wants to win do? How to maintain coolness? In this article, we will tell you about the steps you can take to develop this personal quality. They will be presented in two categories. Those are the habits players can acquire in their daily routine and approaches to the problem at the moment you experience those strong emotions.

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Image Control over Emotions as a Must


Hannah Vu


Developing New Habits

  1. First and foremost, do some sports on a daily basis. Never mind how silly it may sound, but it's actually really helpful. It can be anything you like, whether it's a morning jog or yoga practice - anything will do. And there’s an explanation for the value of this habit for successful gamblers. An interesting fact you may not know is that many martial arts were elaborated by monks: Taekwondo, Tai Chi and Karate, for instance. The monks believed that physical strength and stamina come from emotional control through day-to-day meditation.  The same appeals to the gamblers. Acquiring the habit of exercising every day helps to develop mental discipline. So, physical discipline will definitely boost your game. 
  2. The next step you should take is to decide on desirable wins and loss limits. Seasoned gamblers always set goals and loss limits since are of great importance if you want to manage your bankroll wisely. Take, for instance, a situation, when you win. It seems like luck is on your side now and you get a desire to keep on staking. But the smart gambler is aware of the fact that when you are too lucky and your bankroll is almost exceeded, it’s time to leave. Remember that casinos eventually win.
  3. Limit the amount of drinks per night, since drunk people easily get hot-tempered and their mind is usually not clear enough to make winning decisions. 
  4. An advantage player should not only have a quiet mind, but also a healthy body. For this, he should rest well and eat healthy food. Don’t be fooled by legends about the gamblers who play for days without a stop. It’s more wiser to begin playing when you have energy and strength to outplay casinos. 
  5. As mentioned earlier, follow the example of monks. Meditation helps to shape your mind and relax. For real, give it a try!

Actions Taken At The Moment

  • The first step you should take is to understand what you’re feeling. As human beings, it is natural to experience a big rush of emotions when winning or losing. The trick is to know how to recognize the emotion and not to be blinded by it.
  • Take a walk. It’s the best decision when you feel emotions run over you and you lose control. Just take a small walk, breathe deeply and when you’re relaxed again, go for it! 
  • Don’t show your reaction. You can’t always control yourself and what you feel. Every person’s life consists of risk, of winning and losing. But what is possible is hiding the disappointment. Giving a smile and saying nice words is much better than getting angry at the loss. It will lighten your mood, the darkness in your heart will be erased faster. Remember that negative emotions have a tendency to destroy you from the inside out.
  • There are times when the luck turns against you though you followed a strategy and did everything right. Some days misfortunes happen one after another! When you feel frustrated after the game, a really good advice is moving to another game available in this casino. Switching to another game gives you a fresh start and helps to cope with the negative feelings.