How to Choose the Best Live Game

How to Choose the Best Live Game

 From time to time, we are all faced with a choice that is difficult to make, especially when this choice concerns something that has a huge number of proposals like live dealer games. In modern casinos, these games exceed all expectations and players try to decide the right game for them. For the purpose of being able to select the best live game, players should consider a few important things. Firstly, it is game rules. We advise you to double-check them before the actual game since they can be different from one casino to another, mainly when the game is played online. Secondly, you should pay attention to the bonuses or any other exclusive offers. Some casinos have special promotions only for their online users. In order to play with confidence and enjoy the game completely, you should check the betting limits of the accessible live-dealer options. By doing this, if you like smaller bets or if you want to join a VIP table, you will be able to play a Live Casino game that will suit your tastes.

The Diversity of Live Games 📝

 We also have something to offer to international players. Check out if the Live Casino section hosts table games with native-speaking dealers. Commonly you may find tables with dealers who speak Russian, German, French, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, and various other languages fluently. Lastly, it is also best to reflect on whether the game is adapted for mobile play. It will give you the incredible freedom to play whenever wherever you wish to. However, do not forget that you have to get a strong Internet connection in order to enjoy live-dealer games on the run. Nowadays, live casinos have an unbelievable selection of both classic games and exclusive game shows. And today we would like to tell you more about the most popular forms of games that you can encounter in live casinos.

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  • Live Dealer Dice Games:

    When you play these games, it really feels like you've been transported to a real casino. You are probably aware of online dice games and how to play them. They are built upon your ability to click a button and the dice will roll for you, however, with live dealer dice games, a dealer will roll for you where this whole process creates more of an in-person gambling experience. Such game as craps may seem complicated for unfamiliar players, but for those who already played this game in a casino, live dealer craps is basically the same.


    But, there is a dealer who is the shooter for all the players taking part at the online craps table. There is one more game that uses the live dealer as the roller, it is called Live Dice Duel. In this game, two dice of various colors are thrown by the dealer and the color of higher value is a winner. The most prevalent bet is wagered on which color dice will win or whether it will be a tie. Players also have a right to bet on specific numbers displayed on each die, or if the numbers will be odd or even, and many more possibilities.

  • Live Dealer Wheel Games:

    To spin a vertical wheel, casinos usually employ a live host to do this in the games of chance. The basic attribute for the wheel games is to try out to predict the number or color that the wheel will stop on in accordance with the division of the wheel into segments. All of us probably heard or played Wheel of Fortune. This game has a wheel with 19 sections, numbered from 1 to 18 with the last section having a sign on it. The sections are dyed in one of three associated with them colors.


    Right before the first turn of the wheel, players can wager on the supposed color or number it will stop on, whether the number will be odd or even, and more. You can find Live Dream Catcher and Live Wheel of Fortune similar to each other, but they also have some major differences. The wheel that is used in Dream Catcher has numerous figures at various frequencies: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40. The host has to wait until all participating players place their bets. Players can wager on what number they predict the wheel will stop on. This game also takes in bonus factors.

  • Teen Patti:

    This card game originated from India and is still popular among South Asia gamblers is called Teen Patti. For this reason, some Live Casino creators have included Teen Patti in their live-dealer platforms. Some players see many similarities in Teen Patti from the version of a 3-card brag, while others view it more like a poker version. The primary objective is to collect a hand of three cards that will knock out the other hands in the game session. In the Live Casino adaptation, the player has to be in competition with the hand of the dealer.


    At the beginning of the following turn, the dealer scoops three cards face up for the participant's side and the same amount of cards but face down for his side. As for the participants, they should decide whether to raise the primary wager or discard their hand. When the decision is settled, the dealer opens up his unknown before cards, and then the outcome of the round is declared for the participants. We found many editions of Teen Patti at Casinos ruled by such amazing software developers as BetConstruct, Ezugi, and Super Spade Games.

  • Andar Bahar:

    One more Indian card game can be discovered at the Live Casino seances of the various interactive casino platforms. Andar Bahar is a straightforward game, where your result directly depends on your luck. The live-dealer edition implies the choice among Andar that means left and Bahar that is right. The task for the participant is to guess which side will first get a certain card. The tour initiates from the moment when the live dealer is cutting a card after he demonstrates the figure that has to show up on one half of the board.


    Then it is the player's turn to select which side he or she should wager on. When it is done, the dealer starts to toss the cards from the deck. The first black card means, it will go on the Andar half, otherwise, it is red, which would imply that the toss will launch on the Bahar half. The toss is closed as the identical number shows up on one of two halves. You succeed if the card is revealed on the half you have selected. This Andar Bahar card game can be found among these providers' collections like Ezugi, Super Spade Games, or Xpro Gaming.

  • Hi-Lo:

    You never dreamed of an easier casino game like Hi-lo, abbreviated from high and low. The rules for this game are extremely simple where players bet on the following card being higher, lower, or the same value as the established card. Three dealer cards are turned before the final card is dealt. Luck is on your side and you guessed correctly, then you won. Or if your intuition is not with you today and you guessed wrong then you lost.


    This game is a perfect beginning to gain experience for the newcomers. Still, the rapid gameplay and the process of decision-making draw the attention of loyal and skilled players. Hypothetically, the RTP of Hi-Lo might differ between 96% – 98%. Playtech made a small contribution to the original version of the game in order to make it more thrilling. Players can bet on the winning card being an Ace of any suit, King or Ace of any suit, inside a particular scope, and Red or Black.

  • Sic Bo:

    This game will give you an opportunity to play with real professional dealers online. Sic Bo is a dice game that provides different betting features turning your experience into something fascinating and enjoyable. Live Sic Bo is gaining its audience little by little at online casinos. Sic bo originates from East Asia, its essence of the game is that a player has to bet on the result of the roll of three dice.


    During a live Sic Bo game, a casino dealer rotates 3 dice for you and you have to wager. In the online version, players bet using the adopted interface. Dice in this game are placed in a special glass dome in order for players to see them clearly as well as the outcome of the round. There are a lot of live dealer versions of Sic Bo, you can find them online. Also, you can hit upon some games that contain bountiful multipliers.

Live Baccarat 🃏

 Much to the delight of casino games lovers, there is one more game that you can play with the live dealer. This game is baccarat which is quite simple but very popular amongst Live Casino fans. The different versions of live baccarat exist online. You can try to play standard baccarat, but also do not miss the opportunity to play other variants like Speed Baccarat and Baccarat with Controlled Squeeze. These are the aspects that make the game much more thrilling and real. Evolution Gaming introduced the fastest version of this game called Speed Baccarat, where each game cycle is played every 27 seconds. What is more? Apart from the basic betting features, there are also some live dealer baccarat games that permit side wagers.

 There is one more baccarat variation called Dragon Tiger. People can find it at several Live Casino lobbies. This game is pretty popular in the Asian part of the world and can be referred to as an easier version of the original since only two cards are in the play. Players can check this game at numerous Evolution Gaming Live casinos. One card is dealt on both the Dragon and the Tiger side of the table. Participants must choose the side with the highest value. Also, you have an opportunity to wager on “Tie” or “Suited Tie”, with the right assumption giving you a payout of 11 to 1 for a tie and 50 to 1 for a corresponding tie.

Live Blackjack 💰

 Yet another popular casino game you will have a chance to play is blackjack. This card game enables its players to place standard bets and also occasionally go for the side bets that can lead to profitable winnings. The purpose of this game is pretty obvious; all need to do is to Beat the Dealer. Players have two options to accomplish it in Blackjack. First, you can get a higher total than the dealer without surpassing a total of 21 (full face value of the cards) or you need to make the dealer go over 21 (bust) but your cards are still on the table.

 A significantly weighty advantage of almost all live-dealer blackjack games you find on the internet is that you do not need to wait to play the game. Although the total quantity of virtual seats is narrowed up to 7 seats or fewer. It becomes pretty common to let players bet behind other players. This opportunity gives players time to experience the super down-to-earth feelings of wagering on Live Blackjack at the well-being of your own home. Once again players will have an opportunity to taste the full range of live-dealer blackjack games with various betting limits. By doing so, all types of players will be able to appreciate the live casino blackjack.

  • Unlimited Blackjack by Playtech — 99.54% RTP
  • Infinite Blackjack — 99.51% RTP
  • Quantum Blackjack — 99.47% RTP
  • Free Bet Blackjack — 98.45% RTP
  • One Blackjack by Pragmatic Play — 99.28% RTP
  • Blitz Blackjack by NetEnt — 99.50% RTP
  • Live Blackjack by Lucky Streak — 99.39% RTP
  • Party Blackjack — 99.29% RTP

Live Poker 🏆

 A lot of virtual casinos will permit their visitors to wager on live-dealer versions of poker. Due to the fact that this card game has so many well-liked variants, plenty of them can be found with real professional dealers online. If you are from those who like the classic casino game, you can spend your time playing Texas Hold’Em, Caribbean Poker, or Casino Hold’Em.

Game RTP
Casino Stud Poker 96.29%
Caribbean Stud Poker 96.30%
3 Card Poker 96.63%
Live Ultimate Texas Hold'em 97.82%
Live Texas Hold'em Bonus 97.96%

 Seductive and professional dealers will create very inspiring and unique settings where you will be immersed in this magnificent gaming adventure. On the internet, you will find enough Live Poker alternatives that will provide you with the ability to make side bets leading you to generous bonus payouts.

Casino Hold‘em 🎲

 Casino Hold‘em is a poker-originated game where you are playing Texas Hold’em but against the dealer. During the game, the player and the dealer are dealt two cards each. It is up to you whether to fold or to continue the game with the hand you have at the moment. Ultimate Texas Hold’em is included in the exclusive games of Evolution Gaming. It is another poker alteration — similar to casino hold ‘em and three-card poker. The appeal of this form is that players can increase their bets as more cards are dealt. Right after a player has been dealt two cards, he or she can raise the stake bet to four times.

 Or he or she can opt for betting when the fiasco has occurred onto the table by raising the stake bet two times. Otherwise, you can hang on until the turn and river cards have been dealt before raising the stake bet one time. There is only one way to win this game is to beat the dealer. The extra or side bets can increase your excitement and this is where you can make real money. The game is loved by many players due to the appealing rewards and the whole gaming process, that is why it is very easy to find various versions of this game in all recommended casinos.

Play Live Games Image

Live Bet on Poker 🎰

 In the live casino world, there is another edition of the very famous Texas Hold’em game. However, unlike Casino Hold'em, in this adaptation we can see six player positions and you can wager on one or more hands. The crucial distinction of staking on poker is that after each card is dealt, a betting round takes place. Each hand is nominated odds, and players can stake on the worth of the winning hand. With each dealt card on the table, the odds are adapted appropriately. The main idea of this game is that you are not betting against other players, but forecasting accurately on the results. That is why these kinds of games are perfect for players that grasp the sense of probability and odds. You will spend quite a lot of your time playing each hand but it will be spent in a very exciting and captivating way.

Live Roulette 🎱

 This information might surprise you or not, but for the roulette enthusiasts majority of Live Casinos provide a lot of versions of this classic game. If you have a thing for European roulette with a single-zero pocket, you will discover enough versions to please yourself at Live Casinos. Since many players find this game very appealing, it is provided in almost every Live Casino you can find online. To attract even more roulette fan, many software companies are expanding their collections with live-dealer variations of American roulette. Even though this game is considered a tricky one, the wheel with single-zero and double-zero pockets is very amusing and many lovers of the game will have the opportunity to play it with a real dealer online.

 Players are also introduced to the live-dealer version of American roulette where they will have progressive jackpots at their disposal. This whole experience will be lived with renewed vigor and fruitful desire than ever before. For people with different budget spending, Live Casinos house tables with all ranges of betting limitations. Players can choose games with little entry amount to have fun from the casino atmosphere. VIP's lodges are also available for players who wish to spend more and bet more while playing roulette.



Double Ball Roulette


XL Roulette


Lightning Roulette


Age of the Gods Roulette by Playtech


Live Mega Roulette by Pragmatic Play


The Most Favorable Casino Titles

 A huge number of words have already been said about Return to Player (RTP) statistics. However, we should remind you about a couple of things about RTP you have to know before playing any live casino game, is it worth it or not? RTP means Return to Player Percentage that is the compensation players can count on from online casino games. How is this percentage computed? This concept was introduced to explain the percentage of all staked money casino games will pay back to players over the time.

 For instance, if you make ten $1 bets on a game where the RTP is 90%, you might hope for the gain to be $9. Game creators are obliged to issue the RTP of their games in order for participants to know what kind of return they should expect. We advise not depend only on RTP but on the whole earning capacity. The perfect win payouts that means series of your first bets are live games that are able to give you win multipliers or side bets with increased payout odds. Awesome games to place your bets that have massive win multiplier capacity are:

Casino Game RTP
Lightning Baccarat 98.76%
Monopoly Dream Catcher 96.23%
Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt Live 96.56%
Mega Fire Blaze Roulette 97.30%
Live Slots 95.96%
Live Spin A Win 97.22%
Crazy Time 96.08%
Live Mega Ball 95.40%
Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live 96.06%
  • Live Keno:

    Casino admirers who are searching for something different, more offbeat types of games can try this Live Casino game called Live Keno. Developers of virtual casinos have to adapt Live Keno for their virtual platforms as a live-dealer game since this instant-win game has so many fans online. The game is considered as an easy one to play. The point of the game is that for each new round, players can buy Keno cards, and they have to either select the number on which they plan to bet or choose the number that is chosen for them automatically, that is, randomly. There is a pay screen that indicates the payout you will delight for the right forecast.


    Rather than enjoying the larger payout for more right forecasts, you will enjoy bigger gains if you guess a higher percentage of chosen numbers. For example, you can gain a more profitable payout if you guess correctly 7 out of 7 numbers. The moment after all players complete their Keno cards, the live draw of numbers will begin. Following the end of the game with the last 20th ball, the round is completed and the results are announced for the participants. This game can be found at Live Casinos that operate on the software platforms like Playtech, Evolution Gaming, and Ezugi.

  • Live Bet on Numbers:

    Ezugi is also engaged in the development of another live-dealer game that has some similarities with Keno. This company intends to delight its virtual users with a very fascinating way to bet online. Bet on Numbers can be found at Live Casinos which softwares supplied by Ezugi. In this game, players are allowed to place various wagers which are based on the system of six numbered balls that are drawn each game cycle at random. Join the live stream of Bet on Numbers and have an opportunity to choose among the different betting alternatives.


    The players are given with such betting alternatives as wagering on the numbers that are about to be drawn, the colours of the balls and the sum of the drawn balls. In order to win, players are not obliged to be exceptionally precise with the prognosis of the result, they might wager on particular numbers or choose the pairs of numbers or groups of numbers. After participants are ready with their bet, the dealer turns on the orb where the balls are picked accidently drawing a sum of six numbers altogether. When all six numbers are drawn, players will be informed about their triumphs and failures, after that the upcoming betting session will be opened.

  • Live Caribbean Poker:

    This kind of poker is comparatively new to the market and it is called Live Caribbean. Three live casino providers: XPROGaming, Vivo Gaming, and Evolution Gaming all of them own editions of Live Caribbean poker. Participants are given five cards and they need to have a better poker hand than the dealer in order to win. Evolution Gaming provides a form with an advancing jackpot. This game is worth trying because of their splendid jackpot winning.

  • Live Deal or No Deal:

    The title of this game should be familiar to you from this popular TV series since Deal or No Deal is based on it. This game is one new type of live entertainment game from Evolution Gaming. The essence of the game is about players adding money to the briefcases and when it’s done the game begins for real. The linkman begins with a range of briefcases and then suggests you a monetary offer for your box. What a gamble it is!

  • Game Shows:

    To diversify the player’s Live Casino experience, Evolution Gaming has designed plenty of game shows. Welcoming and comedic hosts, games allowing you to win money in so many games attract more and more guests. Several live-streamed alternatives you can experience at Evolution Gaming casinos that cover Dream Catcher, Deal or No Deal, Live Monopoly, Football Studio, and many more.


    One of the novelties that you can come across is the game show called Crazy Time. What a great addition to the Evolution Gaming portfolio that blends the best characteristics of Dream Catcher and Live Monopoly. It provides players with opportunities to win lavish rewards due to the fortune wheel and land bonus payouts with the assistance of exclusive characteristics of Crazy Time.

  • Monopoly Live:

    Taking as a basis its Dream Catcher wheel, Evolution has developed the first live casino game that prompts an animated Bonus Round. Similar to a slot game, where you hit three special symbols that sets off a bonus round. In Monopoly Live, you need the Dream Catcher to stop on a particular Monopoly area, then the bonus round is onset. Every player that wagers on this special area is automatically participating in the bonus round.


    Due to the animation, it is like you are in the real world of Monopoly, where you play a real-life size game. The goal is to toss the dice and travel around the board to collect the rewards. The further you move up the board, the higher the level of your winnings. This game has become one with the most interactions that keeps so many players on the edge of their seats waiting impatiently for the bonus round to start. 

  • Live Mega Ball:

    Only Evolution can brag about the presence of this glorious game show. It takes place in a shining and full of colors studio that is a habitat of the primary magnet custom-made ball lottery machine that stores the 51 multi-colored numbered balls. This fascinating game is not really complicated to play. What all players have to do is just place the value of their cards and buy their wanted numbers, up to 200 per game cycle. They are getting prepared eagerly as they observe the balls drawn match with those on the chosen cards creating lines that will lead to the win.

  • Football Studio:

    Live Football Studio is included in the Top Card series prepared by Evolution. Launched in a football-based atmosphere, our game anchormen capture the viewer's attention with match commentary, goal celebrations, and football chat whilst they deal with the game. Only two face-up cards are dealt on a virtual illuminated football pitch-style table in games connected to actual football devices. Participants wager on a Home Win, Away Win or Draw alone. Winning hands set off illumination effects in the studio. Furthermore, the background makes a player anticipate more because of the demonstration of either Home or Away winning streaks.