Beginner’s Guide to Live Casino

Beginner’s Guide to Live Casino

 Playing the casino online has become more fascinating and even surprising with the development of software and technologies. A few years ago, we could not imagine that it would be possible to enjoy the best gambling products without leaving the comfort of your home. Genius developers come to the idea of creating a kind of gambling platform which is as close as possible to the land based casinos. Live Casino became a nice alternative to real casinos, because it can provide you with the same feeling and experience. Do you want to appear in a Vegas casino without leaving your accommodation? Live casino is here for you. On our website, you are able to find all possible and fresh information about Singapore live casinos, including helpful guides that will definitely help you to understand such an exciting world of live casino games. 

How to Start 📝

 If you want to try Live Casinos, you can do it anytime, because platforms are available 24/7. To start gambling, all you need to do is to sign up and open an exciting world of online live gambling! It doesn’t matter which table you are going to choose, from the land-based casino or the studio, all of them are operated by professional dealers and croupiers who interact with players during the game. Some games are also provided with live chats where you are able to communicate with other players, which gives you a complete feeling of gambling in a land based casino. The game takes place in a land-based casino or special equipped studio where live dealer tables are broadcast online. Players should act quickly, spending no more than 30 seconds on placing the bet. If you have already chosen the casino you like the most, make a deposit to be able to play live casino online in Singapore. 

 Speaking about the game variety, it depends on the online casino you have chosen and software developers they collaborate with. Normally, live online casinos have at least Blackjack, Roulette, Poker variations and Baccarat. Such developers as Evolution Gaming who boast the widest variety of live casino games are able to provide their customers with other live gambling products (for example, Dream Catcher with a fortune wheel). As soon as you enter the online live casino hall, you see all the available games on offer. One of the most important criteria is betting options which you will be informed about. Betting options should be suitable for you, that is why you should definitely check it before you start gambling. Some games include side bets which makes the game even more exciting and profitable.

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Bonuses and Betting Options 💰

 When you join a live variation of the casino for the first time, you are generously greeted with attractive bonuses that can even double your bankroll. Nevertheless, you will face some problems with turning your bonuses into real funds because of the betting requirements. If you want to get as much as possible, you should decide on live casinos with such bonuses. If you decide to play roulette online, you should keep in mind that you have an opportunity to play using only real money.

 You can’t find free live games, but you are able to join one of the tables just to watch the way other players act and which strategies they use. With such practice, you are able to get acquainted with the game without spending money. You should also keep in mind that while playing in land-based casinos, you face a higher betting range than online casinos provide. It is explained by the higher cost of maintenance. If you play live casino, you can find tables with higher wagering options.

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Live Casino Gaming In A Nutshell 🎥

 Live casino is a surprising combination of two worlds — virtual and real. Such an interesting type of gambling includes elements of a land-based casino, such as live dealers, real table, roulette, cards, dice and virtual mechanism with the Internet, PC, or mobile devices, which allows you to enjoy viewing live casino actions without leaving your house. The scheme of work is quite simple and understandable. Experienced dealers or croupiers are leading the game in the real brick-and-mortar casinos or studios, standing in front of the cameras which stream the process to the online casino. As a result, players observe the game through their screens, having an opportunity to bet real money and win in Singapore.

 If you decide to get acquainted with the live casinos in practice, you should check the presence of live casino games in the gaming library of the chosen casino. But it should be mentioned that the video broadcast and betting interface are often developed by software providers, not casino operators. There are several great suppliers who are well-known for providing online casinos with their gambling products. Some of them are famous for their RNG-based games that boast unbelievable graphics and convenient options and adapted some of their games to live mode in order to expand the list of their titles. There are also such famous software providers as Evolution Gaming, Entertasia, HoGaming, and Vuetec, who specialize in producing live gambling products.

What Does The Interface You See/Play On Look Like? 🎮

 The interfaces of the live games are usually similar to each other but sometimes have some differences because of different software developers. In most cases, the usual interface has the following features: window with broadcast video in the heart of the screen and different betting options with instructions of usage. It also includes house rules, links to help and story of bets and outcomes. Some software providers add live chat to let players communicate with each other and the dealer. What is more, some live games are provided with the option to enlarge and detach to see the stream fully. Some casinos even have an option to view other players’ bets during the time of placing. 

 In fact, all the live casinos can be divided into two main categories.The most popular and demanded type is streamed from a fully equipped studio with professional lighting, zoom, camera views, etc. Another type of online live casino includes streaming from a real land-based casino with real players inside making their bets. It’s interesting that you play at the same table with the players inside the casino, but you make your bets from your PC without leaving your house. While playing, you interact with a real professional dealer of croupier. Nowadays, there are quite a lot of real casino tables that are translated all over the world. As a matter of fact, each of the live casino types has its own pros and cons. 

Games Offered In Live Format 🎰

 In comparison with RNG based games, which list consists of more than 400 titles, the live casino game range is rather small. But you will always find live variations of such games as Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. There are some live games that you are able to discover in Asian market, for example Dragon Tiger or Sic Bo. As live casino games have recently appeared in the gambling industry, it attracts fewer people than RNG-based games do. What is more, the maintenance of live casino games is much more expensive. That is why the list of such games is not so impressive, but the higher the demand the higher the supply, which means that more live games will appear in the market if more Singaporean players choose playing at live casinos. 

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About Live Blackjack 🃏

 Blackjack is probably the most simple and popular card game in the gambling industry. What concerns live variation of such a well-known game, a lot of studios and land-based casinos offer their visitors to play Blackjack without leaving their houses. Blackjack itself is famous for its incredibly simple rules and exciting gameplay which definitely won’t leave you indifferent. All you need to do is to get the highest number of the card sum without exceeding 21.

 Talented developers do their best to decorate traditional Blackjack with delicious additions. For example, a game variation by Evolution's called Blackjack Party boasts two friendly and lively dealers, exciting colorful design, and even tables with betting limits for high-rollers. One more live variation which is worth your attention is developed by NetEnt and called Live Beyond Live with experience tables. You are able to try different strategies there, for example counting the cards in order to increase the chances of winning.

About Live Baccarat 🎲

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 Baccarat is one more well-known casino game that is especially popular among Asian players. This game will definitely become your favorite if you like simple rules and a little thrill during the game. On the web, you are able to find different versions of Baccarat, from traditional and simple to the speed variations with interesting additions. The main difference between playing Baccarat in real and online is that in land-based casinos you can touch cards, control the action by yourself and ask to reveal the cards faster or slower. It’s obvious that playing this game online you can’t touch the cards. Fortunately, developers created an online variation called Squeeze Baccarat that still has this thrill and drama that takes your breath. Professional dealers make the process of the game spicy by “teasing” you with the last card that they reveal after an impressive pause.

 One more exciting Baccarat version called Baccarat Squeeze Control that allows you to reveal the card whenever you want to. Such variation gives you a feeling like you naturally touch the card while playing virtually. Baccarat rules are incredibly simple and understandable, but if you want to simplify the process of the game to maximum, we recommend you to try Dragon Tiger variation, where both dealer and player receive one card each. You can bet either on dealer or player, and also on draw. In Baccarat game variations, you are going to face smaller payouts in comparison to some other casino games, lower than 1:1 because of commission. If you want to place bets on any hand without having a disadvantage, No Commission Baccarat is an ideal variation for you.

About Live Roulette 🎱

 If you ask several people about casino games that they know, the first point of their answer will belong to roulette, which is fantastically popular all over the world. Roulette is the oldest casino game that still attracts millions of gamblers with its simple rules and elegant gameplay. Because of its popularity, roulette became one of the first games that appeared in the online version, and later in the Live variant. Online casinos that offer such an exciting roulette version provide their players from Singapore with high-quality entertainment. If you have never tried roulette, we will explain the main moments you need to know.

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 First of all, the main two forms of roulette that have valuable differences are European and American. The European wheel includes 37 pockets, including one zero pocket and numbers from 1 to 36. In American variation, you will face double-zero and higher House Edge in comparison with European or French roulette. Nowadays, there are numerous exciting and surprising roulette variations that are worth your attention. You should give a try to Lightning roulette and Immersive roulette developed by Evolution, which are going to surprise you with unbelievable design and fantastic gameplay.

Some Exciting Game Features ⭐

 It’s obvious that live casino games are created in order to provide its Singapore players with the feeling of playing in a real casino without leaving the comfort of their house. Developers insert various convenient options to make your live gambling experience pleasant and unforgettable. In live casino games, you will face some special convenient features that you will definitely like. The first thing you will notice in some variations is a window of live chat in the bottom of the interface. Due to such features, you can communicate with other players and even with live dealers. You should also understand that the live chat option is a great feature but not all the players are positive and friendly, that is why you shouldn’t pay attention to some unpleasant comments.

 One more nice addition to the game interface is the opportunity to regulate the screen from full screen to small window, which is quite convenient too. Some developers added such viewing options as Classic and 3D view. One of the best developments in live casino gaming was the adaptation of land-based casino tables to online platforms. Such an option gives players an amazing opportunity to gamble at real casino tables directly from their houses. It’s really exciting to play at the same time with players who are sitting in the casino’s hall and naturally put their chips while you are lying in your bed placing bets with virtual chips. What is more, such great developers as Playtech or Evolution, offer gamblers to play at several tables simultaneously.

Tips to Use in a Live Casino and Win Big Money 🔎

 You can be sure that playing in a live casino will bring you unforgettable emotions and valuable experience. In the market there are a lot of amazing live online casinos with titles from the best developers that will definitely provide you with full joy directly from the comfort of your house. If you want to discover the exciting world of live gambling online, it will be better for you to read our tips first. The following pieces of advice are able to increase your chances of good profits. 

  • Pay attention to RTP. RTP is a very important point while searching for online casinos to gamble on. You should also remember that all online gambling sites have their house advantage, which is counted in percentages. It’s better for you to choose a live casino with good RTP. Nice news is that nowadays you can find some online casino games with high RTP which can bring you a nice income in combination with the right strategies. As an example, you can select Blackjack online with RTP about 99.28% which is amazing in comparison with American Live Roulette with 94.74%.
  • Pay attention to bonuses and promotions. Nowadays, there are numerous bonuses and promotions which good casinos are ready to offer to their dear customers. As there are quite a lot of reliable casinos, the competition is high and each of them try to offer the best variants and combination of bonuses that are going to attract more visitors. Experienced player will never miss an opportunity to save his money on free and delicious bonuses. If you register to the live online casino for the first time, you can be sure that you will be provided with free spins, which give you an opportunity to spend less and earn more. Bonuses and promotions are a good advantage that you shouldn’t miss. You also should remember about loyalty programs that contain promotional offers. 
  • Learn the rules of the live online casino. Before starting online gambling at live casinos, you should learn the live casino games rules properly. It might seem too easy, but in fact it’s extremely important to learn the rules, types of bets, and strategies well, because without such knowledge you won’t be able to win the dealer and other gamblers. 

Playing For Free 🕹️

 One of the biggest advantages of gambling online is the opportunity to play for free, which allows you to improve your skills. Such a convenient option you can find in the list of RNG-based online casino games. What concerns Live versions of casino games, unfortunately, you can't have such an opportunity of free gambling. Live casino games require much more maintenance because of the engagement of land-based casinos and special studios. It costs a lot to serve all the facilities of the studio, including professional equipment. Moreover, real live dealers are engaged in the process, which is also quite expensive. In fact, some live casinos offer playing for free, which is really pleasant and convenient, but the majority allows visitors to observe the game without placing the bets. 

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More Useful Tips for Players 📖

  1. Set your budget limit. Don’t forget about smart play in online casinos. Planning your own budget makes sense if you want to be responsible for your actions. The first recommendation is to plan a definite sum of money and find tables with small bets. It will help you to make more spins instead of making $10 bets while you have only $50 in your wallet. One more great advice is to keep your head in the cold, because sometimes players get upset with small profit and become obsessed with the game, playing compulsively. If you feel that your behavior is changing, and you want to play more and more, it’s better to stop gambling and have a rest. 
  2. Live casino providers. No less important to pay attention to the providers that supply their titles to the online casino you are going to gamble on. Choose gambling site with the games by the greatest providers and enjoy high-quality live casino titles. These games are also tested by reputable laboratories such as eCOGRA. If you gamble in licensed casinos with games produced by the best developers, you can be sure of the fairness of the play. You will also be sure that your profit depends on luck instead of different casino manipulations. 
  3. Don’t register at the online casinos without any license. Casinos which have no license are dangerous to gamble in because you will never be sure in their competency. Such casinos are able to fool and manipulate you, because they are not controlled by independent bodies. It’s completely insecure to choose casinos that appear on the Internet and disappear all the time. We hope that you properly read the information above and will use our tips to make your gambling experience in live casinos online pleasant and unforgettable.