Why Live Dealer Is The Best Choice

There are two types of gamblers, as we know: people who enjoy spending time in land based casinos and betting parlors, and those who favor online casinos which can be played whenever or wherever you are - at home, at work or elsewhere. Both have something important in common: they love gambling! They like playing against the house and winning, but they also have some major differences.To put it in a nutshell, land-based casino players revel in the social side of gambling. They like communicating with dealers and other players in the casino room with all conveniences a casino may offer. Online gamblers, conversely, prefer their personal space and confidentiality. They have much more opportunities like switching to different games, providers and even territorial areas! We can’t really judge which option is better since everyone has different tastes and preferences, but we can tell you about Live Dealer that combines these two worlds!

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Image Why Live Dealer Is The Best Choice


Hannah Vu


Player’s Point of View 

The Live Dealer Online Gambling is booming all over the world due to its fresh take on the gambling and the variety of options it offers. When it comes to online gambling, confidentiality and multiple opportunities for the players are preserved. With the online gaming industry constant development, players get more and more gaming options to choose from. Game collections and casino providers are now numerous. Only a few decades ago, no one would believe that this is possible! Isn't that amazing? And if we speak about the social side of gambling, there are dealers at the live casinos who are concentrated at the players even more than those in land based casinos. Why? Due to the one-to-one ratio of many tables. 

Casinos’ Point of View

Every gambler in the world dreams of looser slots, lower huse edges and more constant jackpots. But, unfortunately, nothing will happen only because players want something. There is a clear reason why: it’s unprofitable for casinos. In order to implement something like that, it should work for everyone. But live dealer games can make these dreams come true! That’s why they acquired such a popularity. Let’s have a closer look and answer the question why it is impossible for land based casinos.

First and foremost, a brick-and-mortar casino is really expensive: staff members need salary, bills, permits, taxes need to be paid, products and alcohol need to be taken care of… In addition to that, most casinos work 24/7 without a stop and the expenses are endless. And in the live dealer gaming, providers don't spend so much money to maintain a casino. Considerable charges only come from paying to dealers, technical support and payment for the online platform. And, by the way, expenses get lower depending on the number of players on the platform at the moment. 

An important role also plays the fact that casinos always have a time advantage, and the more players bet during some period of time, the more money casinos get. And live dealer casinos are not constrained by the geographical boundaries!  Casinos of this type are able to attract countless players from different parts of the world, while land based casinos have only local clientele. This helps casinos expand their businesses. And from that follows, that they have more bonuses and advantages for players! This is why live dealer gaming is the first choice!