Evolution Gaming introduces Deal or no Deal for Online Casinos

Evolution Gaming will soon introduce the online adaptation of the worldwide famous television show Deal or No Deal. The game's story and the stylization of this show had become a base to the development for the version of the online casino resources. This upcoming online casino game will be an analogue of the TV show and soon will be accessible for testing on many online casino platforms.

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Image Evolution Gaming introduces Deal or no Deal for Online Casinos


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About Deal or No Deal

Television Show Deal or No Deal is known for more than 15 years, and started to be one of the most successful TV-shows in America, and soon had become popular around the world, so many countries have their own versions. The TV game show has a certain concept: there are 26 locked briefcases on the playfield, that contain a different amount of cash money (in American version from $0,1 to $1 million). On the very first round the player should make a choice of a random briefcase, and he has to decide to keep playing with it or to change it in further rounds. Then the player should open the briefcases that remain, and the money that was in these cases are excluded from the game. The player competes with the Banker, whose task is to prevent the player from leaving the studio with a large amount of cash. For this reason the Banker is determined to buy the case and offers a certain amount of money with the famous question “Deal or no Deal?”. If the player refuses all the Banker offers, he needs to open all other 25 briefcases, and finally get this amount of money, that holds the initial briefcase from the beginning. All this game depends on luck and the sense of intuition, that is why the Deal or No Deal game keeps pressure on the players and brings the opportunity to players to build themselves as rational and calculative people.

Evolution Gaming Perspective

Evolution Gaming became a partner with Endemol Shine aimed to realize Deal or No Deal live roulette and live blackjack games in the next year. The management of  Evolution Gaming believes that Deal or No Deal would be the first-class exclusive game, and they are justly taking pride in developing and providing this famous TV-show with exclusive additions such as big prizes and unique prize multipliers.

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