Is Lightning roulette by Evolution a real live croupier phenomenon?

There was a complete industry boom right after Evolution Gaming Studio presented its brand new real croupier product at the ICE London in 2018. Todd Haushlter as The Chief Product Officer of the company admitted that every single gambler was literally blown away by the pioneering idea of the title. He also added that the company aimed to provide the modern gamblers with a brand new and fresh catching title which will become the gambler’s favorite one. We think that the developers have done their best in creating the top-rated product that attracts the attention of thousands of users and makes the popularity of the live croupier titles truly roaring.

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Image Is Lightning roulette by Evolution a real live croupier phenomenon?


Ridwan Widjaja


Unique Game Features

Statistics show that the week after the Lightning roulette was launched on the gambling market, it has become the trendiest online roulette title. The most outbreaking thing is that in one minute the title has more than 500 gamblers involved into the gambling process. Frankly speaking, it’s keeping up with such titles as “Auto Roulette” or  “Roulette”, but has already beaten such variations of roulette as  Immersive roulette. 

Okay, what’s the main feature of such an extraordinary title? The studio has provided the gambler with the Roulette which involves several extended wagers as it involves not solely the ordinary types of stakes but also the special amount from one to five numbers randomly picked out during the play which tend to increase the gambler’s payout. Moreover, the developers added several special effects into the gameplay such as thunder or lightning animation. 

Nevertheless, the visual part of the gameplay is not the most important one so the title involves huge winning potential. For instance such stakes as Straight up wagers which tend to cover a specific number are able to give the gambler a breathtaking 500x payout out of the lucky stake!

So What Is The Hype About?

As we all know, every company has its own specific features which are included in every single gambling title created by this provider. Evolution gaming is proud of its high quality and excellent game interface which allows the gambler to pick out and use all the necessary functions in the nick of time. The gamblers are able to operate various modes of placement as well as to determine trends by exploiting the great advanced statistics which covers the previous 500 plays of the gambler. 

Mr. Haulshafter admits the fact that the Lightning variation of roulette title appears to be the most sophisticated title ever created by this software studio. Moreover, he pointed out that every complex detail is thoroughly hidden from a gambler’s eye, which is usually sticking to the profitable conditions and amazing payouts from 50x to 500x. So to make everything look real in an online mode, the developers have created a true innovation - they simply added the Random number generator into the Live Croupier Gameplay so that it made a true splash in the gamble community. 

It’s important for an online gambling platform to support several brand new trendy titles. For instance, they tend to offer the gamblers various profitable promotions considering the titles like DublinBet casino does by inviting the users to “try the brand new variation of  roulette” with special welcome bonuses up to 500 euro and a cashback or 25%. 

Mr Green gambling platform gives its users the unique possibility to collect special live croupier points. These hundred of users which appear on top of the ranked list get a great prize of 10,000. Keep in mind that if you will gamble in Evolution's titles the platform gives you even more winning points so it will be easier to get a generous reward. Moreover, those gamblers appearing in top 50 in the Lightning roulette receive an extra 5,000 euro only for this title! The gambler is always able to check the live promotion section of our website to gain some extra information on this topic.